about2         The Thai Red Cross College of Nursing, (TRCN) founded in 1914, is one of the oldest and largest nursing schools in Thailand . TRCN is solely school of Thai Red Cross Society.  Each year enrolling more than 1,000 nursing students in its baccalaureate, post graduate, and practical nursing programs, TRCN develops strong leaders who shape the profession of nursing and have a powerful impact on the health care environment. The Red Cross Principles are applied to all of the TRCN’s initiatives.

         The College restructured nursing program and introduced a four-year Bachelor of Nursing Science in 1971. During the 1980s and in response to government initiatives and developments in the nursing profession under the drives, most TRCN faculty members have developed their advanced knowledge in higher education both national and international experience.


         TRCN has the commitment in order to explore and develop a body of knowledge in nursing. In addition, the institution has provide nursing personnel who has a characteristic and high ability in nursing profession, to have the identity of the Thai Red Cross nurses. The institution is a healthy faculty setting in order to let the society to depend on our knowledge and experiences related to health promotion.



         These values guide our individual and collective decisions, and those decisions support the achievement of the learning outcomes. In all that it does, the college demonstrates the values of:  


Moral respect   Leadership in Nursing Social Consciousness   Global perspectives