Qualifications granted

1. Bachelor of Nursing Science

2. Post-Graduate Nursing Program

Four months specialty nursing program

 Geriatric Nursing

 Critical Care Nursing (Adult and Aging)

 General Nurse Practitioner (Primary Medical Care)

Two months subspecialty nursing program

 Health Promotion Nursing

 Palliative Nursing

 Pain Management                      

 Wound, Ostomy, and Incontinence Nursing

3. Practical Nursing Program

The 1st RCINC 2014


The First Red Cross/Red Crescent International Nursing Conference 



  "Disaster Nursing, Humanitarian Emergency Response,

and nursing trends"


23-25 April 2014

Grand Fourwings Convention Hotel

Bangkok, Thailand



Main topics in The 1st RCINC 2014

 - Disaster nursing (humanitarian care, disaster nursing education)

 - Critical care, emergency care (EBP, CPG) 

 - Nursing management (PPE, Quality improvement, Outcome)

 - Nursing education (curriculum, classroom research)

 - Clinical nursing trends (NCD, Acute & Chronic care) 

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